Burning Questions

  1. Am I crazy trying to keep up with multiple projects?
  2. Why is this post late?
  3. What the hell is left to burn in Central California?

Answer 1:

Yes. I must be. I mean… right?

In the active queue: Heroes of Vadim 4, another monster hunter, an on-again-off-again space pirate, and a snippet of a high-magic steampunk idea.

Answer 2:

Multiple reasons.
First, the Day Job vacation didn’t start as planned – meetings were rescheduled and priority things popped up even though I was supposed to not be there. So, today’s really the first day… and it threw me off.
Next, being that it’s California and summer, we have another fire. This one popped up yesterday about 8 miles from us and, as one would expect, exploded to a 400 acre monster overnight. It is, however, burning away from us and toward the still-devastated area destroyed by last year’s Creek Fire.
Also, the temperature is still reaching triple-digits. I had to go get my granddog some ice blocks.

Answer 3:

Apparently more than you’d expect. In just the last week, we’ve had 2 major burns in the Fresnosprawl proper and multiple fires of various sizes in the foothills and mountains surrounding.

And yet… I write. Not just for you, but for me.

Until next time, friends…
Stay hydrated.
Stay cool.
Stay safe.


Post Not Found

Sorry, friends – the Day Job has been kicking my butt and there’s been no time to even think about what to write here… let alone get it all ready for you.

Until next time…
Remember rule #32: Enjoy the little things 😊

Summertime, summertime, sum… sum… summertime…

Here in California’s Central Valley, summer has well and truly arrived.

I know the first day of summer isn’t technically until Sunday, but the thermometer says otherwise. We’re forecasted to be 110+ (43.3+ c, for those more familiar with that format) all most of the weekend… but hey, there’s a cooling trend coming Sunday.

It’ll only be 108 (42c). 🙄

My plan is to hide.

Stay inside under the air.
Feed the dogs (and me) ice.
Pray to Anyone that will listen to keep the power on and the wildfires off.
(Oddly enough, just as this was posting, we lost power for three hours due to a nearby fire. All is well, but damn… really?!)
Read some more of the book I keep having to put down because of the need for silly things like driving, doing the DayJob, and sleeping.
…and write

Like I said… that’s the plan. I think we talked about plans a little while ago, though.

Until next time, friends… drink your water, hug your loved ones, smell the roses, and pet a dog.


Yes, I’m going to talk about Pride.
If you know me in the slightest (even if all our interactions are “virtual”), this really shouldn’t surprise you.

June is Pride Month – a month-long celebration of learning, teaching, seeing, and being.

Why June?
June was when the Stonewall Riots occurred: when the LGBTQIA+ community said no more and fought back against senseless and unprovoked abuse.

Why a rainbow?
Because different types of people can blend together to make something beautiful without losing any of themselves along the way. (Here’s an article if you want it)

Why am I posting this?
Because “if your family doesn’t support you, I’m your mom now” is not a t-shirt logo: it’s a fact of my life that has given me more children than I’ve birthed and I love them all.
Because my sibling is an amazing human and I love them with all my heart.
Because no one should be made to hate themselves for something over which they have no control.
Because my cousin and her fiance are both beautiful, intelligent, talented women who deserve every moment of happiness the universe will give them.
Because the world is a richer place with technicolor.
Because as a cis-woman in a “traditional” marriage, my bisexuality has become invisible and – in case you were unaware – invisible’s not really my color. I didn’t choose my husband for the way our bodies fit together – I chose him for the way our souls fit together. That doesn’t change who I am.

What does this mean as far as you, the reader, are concerned?
Not much, really. There might be a little more deliberate representation, but my genres aren’t changing… established characters aren’t changing…

You know why?


It’s not a phase.
It’s not a decision.
It’s not a choice.
It just is.

Kind of like love.

And respect.

I’ve lived 41 years in a place where Metallica’s “Eye of the Beholder” is an uncomfortably accurate description of life. June 4, 2021 was the first time I’ve ever seen a local government official reverse their decision based on the humanity of the issue and regardless of the potential political backlash.

I am hesitant to believe this is a sign of better times ahead but it’s a sign of things being better today… which is better than it was yesterday and hopefully not as good as tomorrow.

Until next time, friends…
Someone in your world is part of the LGBTQIA+ community…
Maybe someone you love…
…and they need you. 🏳️‍🌈

The Return

The world is collectively trying to adjust to whatever the new normal will be as we move forward in this timeline.

California has seen significant improvement and is poised to stick its governmental fingers in all our ears and la la la like COVID never happened (at least, that’s how the latest “beyond the blueprint” thing reads to me).

This means, of course, that my commute-free days will soon be coming to an end. Other than a little more road fatigue, I doubt much will change for me but one never knows.

The normal you can depend on: monsters, games, more monsters, and superheroes.

That’s right.

No matter what happens next or how the new normal finally manifests in its fullness, you need stories and I’m happy to provide.

Until next time, friends… be safe.
I want to see you all on the other side of this thing. 💖