2022 – On Deck

Well… here we are.

We’ve made it this far.

I don’t even want to guess what this year has in store for us but, if you’ll join me, we’ll begin with a spin: traveling in the worlds of my creation…

Oh, for crying out loud… you’ve been here long enough to know some amazing crazy music’s gonna find its way into the blog post 😉

New Releases

Looking at two (maybe three) new releases this year. I don’t really have a timeline yet but keep an eye out: you never know when one might slip in under the radar.

Also looking at the possibility of some new editions…

And the possibility of some sort of serial is dancing on the wind…


Plans are still in the early brainstorming stages but I’m hoping to be able to introduce some book-related merchandise this year. This will be an extremely small-scale endeavor but could result in some fun gifts and/or great conversation starters.

Whatever finally makes the cut – you’ll see it here first.


I’m not going to tease regular updates here because… let’s face it… I do that every time I get my life together enough to post and then…


We all know how that ends up…


Until next time, my friends…

Take the time to see the magic and make the time to love yourself.

2 thoughts on “2022 – On Deck”

  1. Looking forward to reading your latest.
    Some merch could be cool!

    FYI, year is off to a trying start. Did I really expect anything

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