2023 – Next Verse, Same as the First…

A quick recap of my 2022 for those of you that don’t follow me on social media.

And for those that do follow me on social media, feel free to skip down past the image so you don’t have to relive the hell of this past year with me again.


Almost free of the new year craziness at The Day Job, my boss had a major medical issue… we’re talking medical coma, is he gonna wake up, what tests haven’t they run, sort of major medical issue. As his second-in-command, this made The Day Job a living hell for several months… never mind the fact that the man’s actually my friend, too, and I was worried sick about him.

In the midst of this, Girl2 is hit by not one but two drunk drivers (in the same incident). The first drunk rear-ended the car she was in. As everyone was checking personal and property damage, the second drunk hit her and sent her flying across the street. Shattered shoulder, tore ACL, MCL, and PCL in her knee, hairline fractured the other leg, and gave her a gnarly scar on the back of her head. All free time was spent at the hospital with her (updating group texts on the health of my boss from her bedside – I was not okay) until she was released. Then came appointment after appointment, then surgery, then more appointments and physical therapy. This continued until almost Thanksgiving, when she was finally released from physical therapy and now only has follow-up appointments here and there.

While Girl2 and my boss were in separate hospitals, we had a couple of fire scares. Because… why not? Right?

We said goodbye to my father-in-law at the end of summer but thankfully managed a little get-together to celebrate his birthday before that. I even had the foresight to take my laptop and set up a video chat with several of his grandkids scattered across the US. He enjoyed that. And he doesn’t have to deal with illness and pain anymore.

Yule celebrations were delayed due to illness. Then delayed again due to more illness. In fact, they just happened a few days ago.

Just before Yule was postponed the first time, I learned of the passing of a friend and colleague. For several years, we served similar roles at The Day Job so we worked together a lot… like A LOT a lot… and became pretty good friends. Fuck cancer, by the way.

And with the New Year on the horizon, I whispered my last goodbyes into the ear of one of my dearest friends (also one-time coworker, and distant cousin, as we discovered by chance one day).

So… yeah… 2022 pretty much beat me all to hell. Let’s look ahead, shall we?

Everything from last year’s New Year’s post is still in the queue…

Wondering about my job announcement peeve? Happy to report that, once it was brought to their attention, HR changed the announcements so that they are all career opportunities. I know, it’s really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things… but if 2022 taught me anything, it’s to embrace every victory – no matter how small.

Until next time, friends…
Don’t fear the future… just don’t go alone. 💖

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