The Rio Crew Novels

Welcome to Rio Hevrir
Population… um… varies

Tucked away in the California desert, Rio Hevrir has been forgotten by most of the world… a state that suits the residents of the town just fine.
Being removed from the frantic pace of the rest of the world has allowed the town to remain relatively quiet…
At least on the surface.
But it’s the darkness that dwells below the surface that causes problems. Or, more appropriately, the creatures that have found refuge in that darkness and the town’s historic lack of protection against them.
All that’s set to change, though… just a little while longer, and things will be different.

Rio Hevrir just needs to hold out until summer…

| Summer of Blood |
| The Wolves of Rio Hevrir | The Gardens of Delora Valley |
| Wonderland |
| A Darkness in the Desert |