Summer of Blood

The darkness of the place was overwhelming and every day it grew more and more difficult to keep from taking in the very nature of the place. Amanda watched helplessly as it twisted the hearts and minds of the others around her and feared the possibility that her gifts might someday be used to further the downfall of this small community.
But she had seen the coming of strong allies. She didn’t know who they were, but she’d seen them deep in her heart – battling the demons and their minions and walking away from those encounters victorious.
Rio Hevrir would continue to bleed for now, but when the summer sun finally began to shine long hours and bring life back to this place, she would see this band of warriors with her own eyes.
They were awakening and seeing and converging… and this summer, they would become heroes.

They were as unlikely a group as any to end up together – athletes in unrelated sports, brilliant minds hiding away from glory in a sea of normalcy, and the heirs to financial empires that crippled their competitors for sport. The only thing they had in common, and only by the serendipitous kiss of fate, was the soil beneath their feet and the evil that thrived in the darkness.
But they had a job to do and, when the time came, they would do it. Rio Hevrir just had to hold out a little longer… just until summer.

| Summer of Blood |
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