The Wolves of Rio Hevrir

Summer vacation’s over but the monsters don’t care that school’s in session…

The Summer of Blood is over… at least according to the calendar and the school system. But the monsters that plagued Rio Hevrir and brought together the unlikely band of heroes were just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a whole lot more work to be done.
With Josh and Staci back at the prestigious Rutherford Academy in Delora Valley and Tiffany beginning her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly, it’s up to J.J., Liberty and Billy to act when the mysterious Sister Amanda appears one afternoon just after school’s begun to enlist the group’s help against a new threat.
As if the place wasn’t strange enough… now they’ve got a pack of werewolves to contend with…

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| The Wolves of Rio Hevrir | The Gardens of Delora Valley |
| Wonderland |
| A Darkness in the Desert |

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