The Gardens of Delora Valley

Delora Valley’s Rutherford Academy has always been a training ground for society’s elite, and neither Josh nor Staci were an exception to that rule. But returning home to the exclusive community and prestigious boarding school meant two hundred miles separated them from their friends back in Rio Hevrir.

The glitter and glamour of the town usually hid its darkness well, but those dark forces had grown strong over the years and staked their claim on Delora Valley’s most powerful and influential residents.

With the school year just beginning and Staci’s anxiety over the Delora Valley rumor-mill, the unexpected return of Tiffany as the dorm supervisor, and the mysterious invitation from a reclusive actress all seem like too much to bear.

But it’s just a dinner party… what could possibly go wrong?

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| The Wolves of Rio Hevrir | The Gardens of Delora Valley |
| Wonderland |
| A Darkness in the Desert |

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