There were only a handful of people that believed Dorian Schell was capable of turning the decaying colonial estate into an elite finishing school… but she’d never been bothered by what other people thought. The longer she worked toward her goal, though, the more things got in the way and with the strange and frightening occurrences making her start to believe that even the estate itself had turned against her, Dorian called on the only other person she’d ever been able to trust… her twin brother, Damian.
     Through the twists and turns of the house’s history, one thing becomes clear. The job is just too big for the Schells to face alone. Damian calls in a favor, but Stick’s arrival only complicates matters – his own connection to the house and grounds is just as strong as the twins’ and could pose just as big a problem. Together, the three of them have to find out what’s twisted its claws into them and fix it before Dorian dares welcome students…
     Legacy explores the dark past of Dorian’s New England estate and the mundane and supernatural causes of the terrifying events that brought Damian back to his sister’s side with the presumably simple task of unhaunting her house.