Urban Wardens

Urban Wardens: Alpha to Oblivion

Violent crime is on the rise, terrorist attacks have driven even the most feared mob bosses underground, and the only thing tying any of it together is the lopsided disproportionate anarchy symbol seen repeatedly amid the remains of whatever target the Metro Emergency Response Network had failed to protect.

Metro’s citizens don’t have to wait for MERN to solve the problem, though. The solution is already there, waiting for fate to smile on the city and move all the pieces into position. When property destruction and assault turned to murder, though, it didn’t take long for fate to turn the tide.

Johnny Radd, Checkmate, and Shockwave all had their own reasons for being at the art gallery that night, but their goals were the same – stop the latest attack on the city and put an end to the mysterious Alpha’s reign of terror.

There was only one problem with that plan.

The arrival of Alpha, himself.

Reminiscent of the “Bronze Age” of American comics with a healthy dose of the darkness that defines many modern comic book heroes, Urban Wardens: Alpha to Oblivion sees a trio of reluctant and unlikely allies doing what heroes do best… coming together to save the day.