Jupiter’s Legacy

I normally don’t stop to gush about a TV show… but there are very few that make me actually yell “NO!” at the end of the season knowing I have to wait to find out what comes next.

I took vacation from the Day Job last week.

Took a trip to the zoo. Got quite a bit of writing done. Played some games.

And watched Jupiter’s Legacy.


The acting is good but, honestly, the story is solid enough to carry even the weakest cast members.

I’m not going to go into a lot here because it’s still new and I’m a no spoilers type of gal – but if your a supers fan, give it a watch.

It is dark (not in the DC/WB-can’t-see-the-picture way) and tough to take in some places, but it is phenomenal.

Until next time, friends… embrace your powers.
We’re all heroes to someone 🦸🏽